Friday, June 14, 2013

June 14: Getting Ready

This weekend, a group of 16 AAIDD members from the US, Canada, US Virgin Islands, and Brazil will depart for Norway for what is sure to be a great program!

Over 9 days, the delegation will travel by air, bus, ferry, and foot to 5 cities and towns. The goal of the delegation is to research the supports provided for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in Norway and other countries. To learn firsthand about these approaches, the delegation will participate in two international conferences organized under one umbrella; meet with representatives of health, education, and social service systems; engage meaningfully with local Norwegians and their culture; and examine how the nation’s history, culture, and context shaped the Norwegian approach to intellectual disability.

Sponsored by four universities, the Inherent Dignity, Equality, and Rights conference consists of two single-day events held in different cities: Human Rights and Rule of Law (June 18 in Oslo) and Living Conditions and Quality of Life (June 20 in Trondheim). To kick off this event, an opening reception will be held in Oslo City Hall, where the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony is held each year.

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