Saturday, June 22, 2013

June 22, 2013

A full day of activities occupied the delegation today. We began with a drive along stunning coastal roads to the Lofotr Viking Museum, a meticulously reconstructed chieftain's longhouse based on  archeological evidence at its location in the village of Borg.

At Restaurant Fiskekrogen in Henningsvaer, we meet Jan Mayer of Haarstadt University College for his lunch-time presentation on the Norwegian service system for people with intellectual disability. Dr. Mayer provided a great overview and graciously answered many questions.

Following a delicious lunch, the delegation visited the Lofoten Hus Gallery, which houses Norway's largest collection of north country painters and focuses on the work of Karl Erik Harr.

The day wrapped up with more breathtaking views and a visit to the Magic Ice Bar in Svolvaer.

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